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AvatarUniversal Head

You can have as many Incarnates (leaders) as you want, as long as they follow the restrictions for the type of unit they can join. One (the one with the greatest Authority) is your army Commander. There can only be one of each character however, as they’re unique.

Army building is pretty flexible, especially when it comes to the size of units, but you are supposed to follow the Order of the Banner you choose, which can restrict which units you have in your army (for example, I have 3 cannons to fill the War Machine slots in Griffin Orders). Still, I wouldn’t panic too much if all these rules weren’t followed – get some models on the table and have at thee!

I was also attracted by the idea of big armies without painting, and they’re great for filling up the rank and file. But I quickly started scouring Ebay for the metal miniatures to add special characters. Be careful though, there are some dodgy suppliers selling recastings which can vary in quality. I got one for the mounted figure Razheem; it eventually looked fine after some cleaning up, but I very much suspect it wasn’t original.

Thre are also some models that were never produced: for example, I’m using a Games Workshop plastic Griffin for the titan in the Griffin army (though I haven’t finished painting it yet).