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The following games arrived recently from the North Pole.

Both Shadows of Brimstone games
The theme on this one looks fun although I’m not a big fan of roll-and-move mechanic that FFP seems to love.

Imperial Assault
Star Wars using Descent system? Take my money!

Golemn Arcana
The theme of knights riding big golemns doesn’t really interest me (fantasy version of Battletech?), but the integration of technology into a board game is interesting. This is a curiosity buy but got it at a great Black Friday price.

Xia: Legend of a Drift System
A sandbox space game in the spirit of the old PC games Elite 2 and Privateer. I had not heard of this until recently. After watching several youtube reviews, I picked this up on Amazon. Component quality alone looks excellent.

However, they’re just sitting on my desk as I try to make some good progress on my Deadzone project. So many little bits…