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I went out and grabbed supplies today. Where do you get your foamcore? Closest craft store had it for $9 a sheet. I know dollar stores sell sheets, but assume there is something substandard about them (I know there’s a couple continents difference here, I’ll do my best to translate to local markets!).

As for expansions, I think I’ve got space (and a rough plan) for Firefly with the current expansions — as soon as Blue Sun actually comes in the mail, I can better judge. But anything after that would, I assume, be problematic. I’ve got base, Atmo, and Pirates in a bit with minimal discomfort (and no neat foamcore, so I suspect streamlining will only help). Depending on how thick the Blue Sun board is, I think I can manage fairly well.

I love the idea of custom insert trays that can be pulled out an used during a game. That cuts setup time down (I have already done so by using the Useful boxes, but a single tray for tokens would be great).