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Just a quick report from the front.

I’ve had a chance to play both Terra Mystica and Shadows of Brimstone now.

Terra Mystica
What a fantastic game. There’s nothing more to say. It looks fabulously complicated at first but is magnanimously simple. Everything is just nice, visible and touchable. All wooden bits and the few cardboard thingies are very solid. The artwork looks intriguing and it scales really good 2-5 players. New players will, after being overwhelmed by the first impression, understand everything in the first round. And there is so much to alter each game or set randomly (not only the 14 races to choose from), to come back again and again. Sweet.

Shadows of Brimstone
The dice rolling hell. We played Swamps of Death as a group of four. And the first thing you will need is a very big table because 1. All items are normal sized cards, so your character board spaces quickly take up a lot of space. 2. So many cards. Not in general, but so many different types you have to put a deck of on the table. Decks of 8, 15 or 30 cards. A lot of decks with not so many cards each. 3. The maptiles are huge. No, seriously it’s a very large grid on those maps. But as you are descending into the mine you will be deconstructing the mine anyway as there is no reason to go back (except for some special missions with pre-made maps). 4. Cards.
So anyway: It was a lot of fun and there are a lot of things to keep track of that you will most likely forget from time to time. (Oh, those monsters are void, so they get +1 defense because of this card, wait i have an armor 5+ but also got a blessing aura which gives me spirit armor 4+ because they got this ability which gives them horror hits, too. But oh, wait it’s an ambush so they are initiative +2 but i can cast my sermons first nevertheless etc etc). And gameplay gets down to moving to the next tile, rolling dice, rolling dice, rolling dice. That’s it. BUT WAIT! What makes it so much fun is the atmosphere. The whole western-horror theme. All those little and big stories unfolding before your eyes because of all those rooms you’re discovering and encounters and all the charts you’re rolling on which trigger events and all the randomness makes it feel like more than just rolling dice. Although it’s just rolling tons of D6s.
So all in all this takes a lot of time, space and keeping track of all kind of things. But it’s also quick and fun.

About the miniatures: There was a lot of harsh comments from the kickstarter backers about the mini-quality. They lost a lot of details in the process of plastic massproduction (compared to the prototypes) And i have to say they are nowhere near GW for example. Even the miniatures from Descent have more details and look crisper (And these SoB figure you have to assemble). Nevertheless i am happy with them. Most of them look cool. The details are especially flat on some fews like the Preacher hero, or the Indian Scout. Or the Zombie faces. I just started painting them (dear god the mould lines of those bent tentacles).

Alright enough of this. We had a great time!