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I wasn’t really interested so far in IA since it much seems like a StarWars Descent 2e (or the likes). Of course i like StarWars and i would be interested to hear from anyone who played the game about that skirmish versus mode, maybe that offers some nice tactical gameplay.
I’m more looking forward to Armada. (Don’t have the x-wing game)

And yes for me the atmosphere and randomness (and thus making every attempt different) was really what saved SoB from just being a move then stay until you killed all monsters. Of course it has to show how that will keep up after some plays, when you’ve seen all encounters etc and everything kind of repeats in different order.
We played two missions and visited town twice so far. All heroes on level 2.
What i missed a little is that there is no real campaign. No overall story to keep you going, no final objective to get to. 12 missions with little background each to play in whatever order you like (can of course play them 1-12; as we do it). So you have to “make up” your own story, and for that you need the right people. Play-acting, story-telling and all that makes this much better.

I’m looking forward to seeing your miniatures! I just did the tentacles so far (as my almost first miniatures. Im a beginner when it comes to painting minis). So all the greenstuffing will be new for me. I guess i’ll post them in the forum soon enough.

Now on Terra Mystica being too euro (man these post start to get long): i can’t really tell you much about that because its actually the first real euro game i got(wooden bits to manage ressources and so on; the most euro it became here was Settlers of Catan). I didn’t have any and thought i wasn’t into them but i heard and read so much good stuff about TM that i overcame my fears and went ahead to get it. I don’t know about other euros but my friends amd i really like this one. It’s quite simple once you know what you can do but is quite strategic and rewards planning (which wont take long; trust me, one of my regular boardgame companions tends heavily to AP but he was surprisingly quick in this).
Then what still holds me back from other euro games is that everything seems so abstract. You place some cubes there to get some of this and finally receive a cube in different color. Not so in TM. Everything is there and you can see it. You build your civilization on the land, upgrade your buildings to bigger ones, terraform the land, everyone races to the top of each cult of elements with their priests. You will almost never need to check the rulebook because all you need to know is there on your boards.
I was never into euro games, and still am not. But i enjoy this (maybe euro-light?) greatly.

What makes you stay away from euro games? Maybe i could tell you more about it then, since we seem to share a basic discomfort with the thought of playing them.

I guess for further discussions about the game it would be worth to create some new threads 😉