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We played our first game! Well, sort of… 🙂

My son and I played the first couple learning scenarios this past weekend and it definitely whet the appetite to play more.

I had a couple of rules questions as we start to get into the meat of things (and some of this I’m pretty sure I already know he answer but just wanted to verify).

1) When a unit attacks from range the rule book states that the measurement is taken from the base of the attacking Leader to the base of the defending Leader.

With the formation rules, I assume, in most cases, the Leader model, at worst, is in the middle of the unit. Though it does seem odd to call the unit out of range due to where the Leader model is located, since, that model could be out of range but other models in the unit could be in range (really just an observation, not a question).

Concerning the actual Leader model. If I have an Incarnate in the unit, it’s easy enough to identify, but if there isn’t an Incarnate, or the Incarnate is killed off and a Fighter has to take the reigns, how do you keep track of which model is now the Leader? Maybe a chit or something put next to the model?

2) Special Fighters. When building an army I can include x Special Fighters by giving them certain characteristics. Like the previous question, are there special models for the Special Fighters or do you just appoint certain models as Special Fighters and have to make note of which is which so you can keep track?

I think I’m really just more or less thinking out loud here and already know the answers, or even if there are supposed to specific models for all possible entities in the game, I’ll have to make some concessions since I don’t (and won’t) own everything.


On another note, it cost me a small fortune, but I got my hands on a bunch of metal models for Ram to help flesh out that faction. Very excited.