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I’ll just have to go ahead and recommend this:

Terra Mystica because i got this myself recently and we all loved it. Also it’s something completely different than miniature dungeon crawling. Euro-resource management yes, worker placement no. Still looks and feels great, all that artwork and wood, and offers player interaction in the sense of contest about area control and racing up in element cults and those things. There is no direct interaction like trading resources or anything like that though. But you have to keep an eye on what the others are doing to adjust your strategy.

I would also recommend The Agents (2-5player) and Draco Magi (2player). Both tactical card games, one with dragons and the other with secret agents (and spectacular plastic cards I’ve not seen before). But both are kickstarter games and i don’t know if you can even get them elsewhere yet. The Agents has a really interesting game mechanic for a card game and is already in its overworked, polished “mark II” version. It’s creator is an honest, fantastic guy and has all my faith in upcoming projects. So if you’re interested you should quickly check that out and even contact him (i could imagine he would send a copy of the game to anyone interested even though fully into the production of his next game King Down).

While I’m at it I’ll just throw in another game we still enjoy here atm: Mage Wars. I guess i already talked a bit about that one in the forum so I’ll just leave it at a quick summary for everyone else. 2-4 player arena game; As a mage you summon creatures and cast all kinds of spells to fight the opponent. Every mechanic feels just as it should be and thus is really intuitive (once you read that rulebook of course). Best wizard-feeling a game can offer.