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AvatarUniversal Head

card and pixel I looked at Belfort and immediately saw those cards with ‘collect 4 wood from the supply’ and ‘trade x for y’ and my brain froze up. The artwork looks nice, but it may be straying too far on the Euro side of the divide for me. 🙂

MarcellusWallace Another Euro-style recommendation! Shame there’s no direct interaction, as there often isn’t with Euros, but I’ll give it a closer look. I just can’t seem to get excited about pushing wooden bits around though. 🙂 The Agents and Draco Magi both look good, maybe I’ll see if I can snare copies. Mage Wars I was looking at again yesterday, but I don’t think I can face all that fiddliness and rules complexity at the moment; I just don’t have the time that I think needs to be devoted to it.

Thanks guys, keep ’em coming!