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I’ve spent a decent amount of time working on my first insert. It’s rough around the edges, looks a bit like crap, and is white foamboard instead of the nice black that I was able to find a bit later…

But I’ve found an acceptable level of happiness with my final product (version 1.2) for Firefly: The Game and all of its expansions (not including any promo materials, I haven’t picked them up).

I ran into two major problems:
1. I in-general suck at cutting, even using a ruler as a guide. I’ve gotten a bit better as I kept at it, but yikes.
2. I never factored in the 5mm width of the foamboard. In any of the measurements. So my token tray ended up being WAY too tight in its initial version, and the second draft looks a bit like Frankenstein (instead of starting fresh, I added an extra wing to the try).

I’ll take some pictures soon and post them up. And I’ll EVENTUALLY get black foamcore and make a version 2.0, once I’ve gotten a bit better at cutting and the like.

For Eldritch Horror, I really only need to create a card holder that fits in the box — I have a nice plano “tool” box that works surprisingly well for all of the tokens.