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I didn’t realize the the Others and Journey have not been released yet. I just saw another video about this Conan game showing a typical turn….and i have to say i really like the mechanics for both the heros and the overlord. The prototype samples of the minis used in the video were FANTASTIC (although it was confirmed the samples were resin and not the pvc material that will be used in the actual game). I understand resin really brings out the details in a mini (although it is usually more fragile than pvc – so i think pvc is the better choice).

I am a little surprised that there is not a little more chatter here about this game, as the Conan KS is really doing well at the moment funding over 1.1 million – and still only about halfway through the funding period. I am getting more and more excited about this game; and with the steady amount of stretch goals being achieved it looks like you are getting alot of bang for your buck!!!