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I’ll just jump in here and say: I too am loving this game!

I have a couple of campaigns started (all as Imperial) and I’ve played some skirmish mode. Love them both.

Took a bit to get a handle on all of the card types and figure out how everything worked but it’s been worth it.

I love it so much I spent $30 US on some uni posca markers and spent two nights coloring the edges of all of the cardboard tokens. No, no, I don’t obsess over things…

The game feels like an RPG (which I’m assuming is similar to its Descent heritage) and has some fun gameplay. Different feel than my other miniature games. Also skirmish mode is well done – it’s close enough to the campaign to pick up quickly but different enough to provide a new experience. And it’s objective based so you don’t necessarily have to outright kill everything on the board. Although that does seem to happen.

I’m also looking forward to painting the minis. Really nice job on the sculpts.

I love it so much it inspired me to also buy X-Wing and the two RPG beginner sets. Curse you Fantasy Flight and your ability to take my money!