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I am in the US.

Yes, it is nice to be able to get stuff without the high shipping fees. Miniature Market & CoolStuff offer free shipping if the order is over $100. So I wait until there’s enough stuff I want/need and then place an order.

Much to my wife’s dismay it’s rarely difficult to find $100 of stuff I want. 🙂 X-Wing is making that even worse. I’m also fortunate that my best friend usually wants copies of whatever I’m getting as well. So, most times, I just need to find $50 of stuff I want.

And Amazon is very convenient as well. We do most of our shopping from Amazon and have been Prime members for a long time.

It really makes it pretty tempting and requires a high degree of self control and willpower. I tell my wife how lucky she is to have me all the time. 😀