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UniHead, you must not miss out on this game. Don’t hesitate! What you get is well worth the price of admission!
I know you said you aren’t too interested, but you can’t miss out on this fun!

I have played it several times already and I don’t think it feels much like Descent at all. As you know I have Descent 2.0 and they may share similar component structures, but the story and the atmosphere stands all on it’s own. Especially if you are a fan of the original trilogy (forget that prequel nonsense).The mechanics, the rule books, the components are leaps better than what we find in Descent. Don’t get me wrong, I still like Descent, but this one is a must have even for you.

The minis in this game are a far superior, durable plastic. Nothing like that soft bendy plastic that we find with Descent minis. This should make the painting experience sheer joy for you. Btw, I am eagerly awaiting your painting tutorial for this one, but you must get started soon because this newcomer to YouTube has got a jump on you and he does some very high quality video work. Maybe invite him to be a contributor to EOG as well?

Star Wars Painting Guide Ep.1