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Since the game is dead and we’re just playing at home I know this doesn’t really matter much but my OCD is forcing me to ask the question.

There are lots of extra Incarnates for each army that never made it into the 4.0 Army books, though cards were released for all of them and we do have some information from supplements, which is fantastic, and thank you again for compiling everything.

That said, it doesn’t look like there is information, beyond the Incarnates in the specific army books, that let us know what units these extra Incarnates are allowed to join.

For instance, in the Wolfen army book it lets us know that Serethis can only join Hunter Units, or that Onyx can only join Fang units. But then there is the Incarnate Kassar or Ophyr who are only mentioned in the story portions of the 4.0 Army Book along with their stats/abilities in the supplement, but which Units can they join?

I know it probably doesn’t matter since we’re only playing at home, but I was curious what you guys do in this instance? Allow these extras to join any unit?