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AvatarUniversal Head

Hi razide. I’m busy on the Nasier figures, and I’m going to have some article up about Wrath of Kings soon. I’m filling the bases with with gap filler, and for some figures adding bits of bark as large rocks for the figure to stand on.

I’ve found that in most cases the bits fit together really well without any adjustment; in fact I’m pretty impresed with the figures all round and they’re certainly vastly superior to the Sedition Wars and Deadzone figures, for example.

Unfortunately my Goritsi starter set was missing (replaced by an extra add-ons box) and a few bases are wrong, but I’m hoping all that will be fixed up once they’ve finished shipping. If these errors are common, CMON are going to be paying a lot in shipping to fix the errors.

Just painted up my first figure – a Nasier swordsman with banner. I’ll post a pic soon.

Love the water idea on the Hadross bases. Might buy some water effect stuff for that.