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UH – yes I’ve also been very impressed with the figures so far. Most have gone together with no trouble at all and thank goodness they’ve used their commonsense with decent sizes attachment areas in most case not micro-points like some other games’ figures. The only downside so far is super glue fumes when dealing with so many figures.

Geez talk about speed painting. Your Nasier Swordsman with banner is a beauty; he/she should look fabulous on the table with a mass of buddies.

Your style of raised basing should also may it easier to deal with the arrogant wide-stanced posers where you can stand them on a big overhanging rock. Certainly a lot less trouble than hacking away at the rim to allow toes and claws to stay level with the inside of the base.

I’m still a little confused with what are the correct base sizes for some figures.
Ephramaki the Deepcaller Lord came with 40mm although the card says 30mm and the official site has photos of the painted figure on 40mm

Then the ShaelHan BigSister came with 30mm bases in both the starter and the KSaddons while the card says 40mm.