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AvatarUniversal Head

Well, not exactly speed painting, that one guy took a couple of hours. I thought I’d paint up one figure just to get me inspired. That gold trim is a bit of a pain and I’m not looking forward to painting it on another 17 swordsman figures!

The other thing I’ve done is entomb two 6mmx1.5mm rare earth magnets within the putty of this base, so I can store these in a metal toolbox. I’ve got some 10mmx2mm ones ordered and on the way that I’m going to use from now on (though hopefully that won’t be too much ‘pull’; we’ll see).

Most of my bases probably won’t be raised like this, rank and file will be just putty with ground clay kitty litter for texture. Definitely a handy technique if the stance is too wide, and makes special characters more noticeable on the tabletop too. It’s very easy, just grab some bits of bark and rip them to size with some small pliers.

Frustrating that some base sizes aren’t consistent; I assumed the cards were correct and thought I had a few wrong bases supplied. Hopefully they’ll release some kind of FAQ before too long.