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Hi Chaps,

It can’t be my imagination, shipping has actually got a hell of a lot more expensive in recent years. Back in the pre-ebay days I used to order a lot of second-hand 2nd Ed AD&D from all over the place and especially the US and I don’t remember fainting dead away at the number of zeroes on the shipping charge.

In the last year or two shipping has become seriously prohibitive. I’m just not capable of paying more for shipping than the value of the game (sorry Victory Point Games – I love supporting you lot) and this has even happened from the UK to Luxembourg! Coupling this with the bizarre terms that Amazon impose on not shipping cardboard and counters games from or to the wicked Peoples Republic of Luxembourg because of “restrictions”, I begin to despair at the lack of the global village marketplace that once looked so promising.

I am now waiting for a local American friend to make their next US trip and hoping our friendship stretches to a kilo of games and a replacement Pandemic deck. It’s a sad state of affairs and must be even more horrific for New Zealand.