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There’ll be no hiding on the table for your Longhorn with such magenta skin. You’ve really managed to give him a frightening & crazed expression. He’ll just have to roll lots of hit damage hits.

Shael Han all assembled except the Dragon.
The only problem appears to be a missing bit of hair for the alternate BigSister.
Assembling Deathbloom was a bit finicky but she turned out ok in the end – letting the torso bond securely really helps.

Finished assembling the KS addons box. May have to re-position Arkan Thesh on his base as too far forward.
Starter box next up – I’m going to be sick of those back blades on the Ashmen by the time i’m finished.

It is so tempting to do a Galvanic Defender – I can hardly wait to paint the Kangaroo thing he is riding.