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Now only need to assemble the 12 Teknes PigMen Union workers in the starter, Mighty Taur and the Shael Han dragon after I buy some more supa glue.

The only real assembly problem with the Teknes was the sword arm of the female Linemen where the shoulder and arm socket lug/hole don’t join properly. Using a bit of force I was able to insert and rotate the arm around to bed it in.
Only one broke in the process; in retrospect trimming the lug may have been a better idea.
Also the Octopus head/body join on the Zaalaks could do with some green-stuff along with a lot of the Goritsi wolves.

I undercoated the Ancient King and IronEyes along with a couple of other figures. I washed the two promo figures in detergent first to compare with the other not being washed and rinsed. The water appeared to go cloudy which makes me wonder if there is some sort of release agent or something from production on the figures.

Also still contemplating how to go about the basing for the lot.