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I’m not a fan of Conan the barbarian.

Maybe it’s because…
– I’ve only seen one of the films, and it was pretty late in the game.
– Early on in elementary school we studied Greek Mythology and I was fascinated with Hercules. I thought he was the BEST! …and once you’ve tried the best… everything else is just the rest.
– A scrawny talk show host by the same name flashes in my mind every time I hear the word “Conan.”
-I was disappointed that Darth Vader wasn’t much of a challenge for him.

But Heck, maybe I’ve been going about this the wrong way. After all, if a Kickstarter project for it looks this amazing, maybe I should revisit the franchise… on a positive note, I did enjoy “Conan the Barbarian: The Musical” by legolambs on Youtube.