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You should have one Dancing Master in your Goritsi KS add-ons bonus box. Surely shipping for the KS must be nearly complete by now.
I wonder how long it will take them to rectify the mis-packs and missing items.

Have fun sticking on the Dancing Master’s two forearms with swords – I cheated and let the ends of the swords rest on the base rim for support as you can barely see in the first row (of my crap iPhone photo – I will make an effort to use a proper camera in decent lighting next time).

Sadly no progress this week. I hope to go into a basing frenzy this coming weekend though.

I can see Lord Hub & Iron Eyes joining the Goritsi Dancers in games as they don’t have the variety of specialists/leaders/characters in the KS starter set as the Skorza. Should have gone for those leader/character/specialist Combo-add-ons and Monsters for all five factions in retrospect.