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Thanks a lot WonderSlug! There must be some kind of misunderstanding…i am very happy with the Harbinger! 😀

As for close-ups: have you tried looking at the image in full size yet? Right-click “view image”? What parts would you like to see closer?

Getting the airbrush to work right depends a lot on how much you thin down the paint. With some paints it even depends on what you thin them with. I used army painter colors and some few by citadel, thinned them with water only. If you look through the internet, they mostly thin with a mix of water and window cleaner. The right amount is when it reaches the so often mentioned “milky consistency”, whatever that exactly is. You just have to get a feeling for it. Quite liquid, but not watery.

This video series (1-4, although you can skip 1 i guess) helped me a lot to get into it:

Also the intermediate one (1-3):

Hope that helps!