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Home Forums The Workshop Need help, really frustrating primer problem :-( Reply To: Need help, really frustrating primer problem :-(


I’m not suggesting that ALL aerosols are bad, or even that the one you’re using is necessarily bad. It’s simply a possible explanation. Perhaps you got a bad batch, etc. For purposes of troubleshooting, it seems like a good place to begin your testing.

I’ve used the GW primer as well, and had no issues with it. If you can get it, you should definitely give it a shot.

If you run into the same problem with a different primer, then that’ll be very surprising and you should look into other potential environmental factors that could be affecting your minis/paints. For example, maybe the detergent you’re using has some sort of oil in it that’s sticking on the minis and causing the primer to not bond. I have no evidence that this is actually a thing that happens; just trying to think about possible sources of your problem, because it is a weird one.