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Good to hear!

This is actually the only bigbox game by FFG i own. Though as far as i know the last one they still got is Twilight Imperium i think. I would love to try that at some point but i don’t think that time is now. Besides i’d be afraid they release a fourth edition as soon as i get into it.

And yes it can get very crowded on those plastic pieces. The worst so far was a hero, a laser, three units and then try to put an activation token in there. Can get a little annoying. As long as its just a hero and three units its quite okay, as the units can partly stand on the herobase, too (that way they even stand upright and not skewed). So far i didn’t see that as a big drawback. More so i don’t see how they should have fixed that. The board is already HUGE (and also the only reason why the gamebox is so big, as all the rest does’t need that much space).

The original was with cardboard pieces, right? And it already had a space problem?