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AvatarUniversal Head

It is evil! 🙂

Case in point, there’s a new Deadzone kickstarter. Not only are Mantic producing a couple more factions (in hard plastic this time instead of that atrocious restic they used before), and some more scenery, but they’re rewriting the rules and fixing up all the things that – some might cynically say – should have been addressed when the original game was released.

I do wonder sometimes if Kickstarter can be too much of a temptation for cash grabbing and that some games would benefit from a little more time cooking in the pot before they’re released to the world. A rules set shouldn’t need a re-release only one year after its original release (and I’m a bit unimpressed by the new ‘skaven in space’ faction).

I think I have to sit and wait for a bit to see if this one turns out to be worth backing.