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Know what you mean. Watching Deadzone myself. Skaven were lame to begin with. Space skaven are even lamer. In space no one can hear you squeak!

There’s a game called Nova Aetas that is on KS for second time. Has some great looking miniatures.

It was funded with a stretch goal and has now drifted below funding. Not sure what happens there. I suspect it will lose more backers as we all like free stuff, which is what stretch goals are.

Computer industry has been releasing rushed product with bugs for years to cash in. Kickstarter merely allows other mediums to exploit it.

I will be sticking with reputable companies with a solid track record, which is a shame for the small fish which is what KS is really out there for.

Bloodrage has given me an idea for an RPG system and setting that I will inflict on my friends. Most GM’s dream of publishing their own game, but I suspect that if I finish it and tried to publish on KS, I would be one of the little fish with shattered dreams.