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Some things seem like a good idea until you actually start doing them.

All the bases now have been coated in a layer of diluted PVC glue to hold the grit and kitty-litter in place. All Hadross have been primed white and and the base a coat of pale sand colour.
Blocked out some colour on 6 Union pig-men & their boss, also the Zaalaks (who look like they should really be in the Hadross faction), a Defender and the Hadross Calith Reavers.

Finally put a tail on the Fulung Devourer with hot water treatment to bend it up back on itself to reduce the space the model takes up on the table.

Sent off an email to Coolmini about the missing Leader/Specialist cards on Sunday and rec’d a reply they’ll ship them off sometime in the future.

Mr U.Head – have you had any updates about your missing starter pack replacement ?