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CMoN has some WoK boxes up in its shop.

The Character (Specialist) boxes contain two of the free ones that came with the KS Starter Add-ons set and the free specialist you received if you ordered the KS two Leaders box.
For example in Teknes you get Boris, Taur (from the KS Starter add-ons) & Sorick(from the KS two leaders set).
Making for a bit of a dilemma if you picked AncientKing but not the Leader sets from the KickStarter.
Looks like I may convert one of the three rank 1 leaders to use as rank 2 for some factions.

So they must be intending to release a rank 2 Leaders box in the future.
Teknes would be Sevisk, Gulraast (from the KS two leaders set) & Timoshkin(KS Starter Add-ons).
The 3rd Infantry choice boxes aren’t up yet. So the Shark boys & FellHammers will have to wait.