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AvatarUniversal Head

It looks fine, but I’m just not seeing enough difference there for it to earn a place on my shelf. I have several ‘dudes on a map’ fantasy boardgames and the miniatures aren’t that impressive, there’s nothing new about the style of fantasy at all (even dwarves on bears was done by 1st edition BattleLore), and the graphic design is not of a standard high enough to impress me (while I usually love Ralph Horsley’s illustrations, his work looks a little rushed here, the logo is all Photoshop bevels, and the map looks like the kind of thing I would have made in high school).

I know I’m completely biased because I’m a professional graphic designer, but I don’t even consider those Kickstarters that look as though the graphic design was done by well-meaning amateurs. Thankfully that saves me a lot of money. 🙂