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Home Forums The Gaming Room B-seiged vs Orcs Must Die Reply To: B-seiged vs Orcs Must Die


To be honest, neither game knocks me off my feet….but if i picked one it would be B-Sieged. (Full Disclosure – I am not pledging for either one).

The artwork/sculpting in Orcs Must Die is a little too cartoony for me. While that issue obviously does not affect game-play, it would be hard for me to get past as it would always bother me.

I am actually waiting for the WarQuest KS re-launch to see if that is something I may want to pledge, as well as the new edition of Mare Nostrum which due to launch its KS in mid-May (MN is returning from being OOP for years).

If I get either of those (or both….Yikes) that will be more than enough especially with the other games I will buying from the OLGS’s.