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AvatarUniversal Head

The battle report is filmed and edited and coming soon!

We played Nasier vs Goritsi and perhaps we got the Wardancers ability wrong somehow as we found it very difficult to pull off. You have to start unengaged, then can only move 3″ doing a one die attack to any mini you leap over. So you have to move very close and get initiative to manage to use it.

What are you using the Dungeon Command counters for?

I was disappointed with Rathor’s weak magic atack, but the Longhorn is a nice melee attacker. But my favourite so far is the Nasier Swordsman and their ability to hit back not only if they parry, but if they’re killed. The Bloodmasks are pretty weak attackers, but great in defense. My opponent also enjoyed using the Dancing Master’s Attraction ability to pull me off an objective, which was very annoying!

Great game, I really enjoyed it.