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AvatarCK Lai

Yeah, the Wardancer’s Flourish is a bit difficult to pull off for exactly the reasons you described. But when it works, it’s awesome! Also, if you’re playing a Nasier vs. Goritsi battle, just the fact the Wardancers are wandering around has got to make the Nasier player a bit more careful with his Ashmen. Of course, a lot also depends on the dice gods… if you don’t roll a hit, you don’t roll a hit.

The Nasier Ashmen are definitely one of the better Rank 1 infantry in the game. I usually tie them up with 2 Rank 1 infantry, so as not to trigger their Act With Certainty ability, but that’s wasteful and can lead to problems down the line.

The Rathor was certainly a surprise to me. Looks sooooo cool but a bit of a let down on the battlefield. I think my problem was I always used it to support the Rank 1 troops (Pelegarth usually) and then the silly LOS rules end up neutering the Rathor, so I either need to use him on the flanks (for clear LOS) or house rule the LOS rules which are a bit incomplete to me.

I mean, WoK uses the normal clear line of sight from base to base rules… which is fine if you’re fighting normal human enemies. But what makes WoK so cool is they have MONSTERS. And going by the scale, since they’re so careful to have Size stats on the cards… don’t tell me you can’t see the top half of a Rathor or Skorza behind a line of piddly Rank 1 infantry? And aim accordingly?

Which brings me to the other beef I have about the rules, which is terrain. Aside from movement constraints, terrain seems to have no advantages/disadvantages on combat. They used to have a “Cover” stat in an earlier version of the rules for Ranged Attacks, but that was removed. So you can’t dodge behind terrain when you’re being shot at. Neither can you stand behind a wall and receive some defensive bonuses for doing so (since melee combat is base to base).

Oh well. I might house rule again 🙂

I use the Dungeon Command counters to mark which units have acted. In the early stages, that’s not an issue, but when the troops get mixed up in combat, and some leaders only being able to activate 5 troops max at a time (when I have more than 5 of a unit) things get messy pretty fast. Plus my memory is pretty bad, so I mark who’s activated and save a lot of hassle later. Plus I also use the DC wound counters to mark wounds on the units… plus other markers as and when needed for Motivations, usually. I don’t have any generic markers but TONS of DC markers, so…

Yeah, aside from that, I enjoy the game a lot. Fast to set up (compared to some board games *cough Descent 2nd Ed cough*) and not a lot of rules to remember.