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Universal Head

All looks like fan speculation, except for the coment you pulled out. My completely unprovable opinion is that Confrontation was just too big and unwieldy to tackle (having to deal with the inevitable whinging of old fans, the backlog of old sculpts – remember the older metal and the newer plastic styles are very different – to re-release before they got to original content, possible legal shenanigans still going on, etc). So instead they decided to concentrate on a brand new IP (albeit heavily influenced stylistically by Confrontation and using some of the same sculptors) and game system that would be completely owned by them and new and fresh. Makes good business sense to me.

Why they didn’t just come out and explain all this to the public is anybody’s guess, though it may be for legal reasons.

Unless CMON want to release tabletop minis games as one off Kickstarter campaigns and never support them again, which seems unlikely, a new Confrontation would just be a competitor to their own game. Which is not good business sense.