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CK Lai – the Centurus Clones would make impressive Rank2 infantry but I can’t recall if they made it to prepaintedplastic.

It is hard to imagine CMoN doing a Confrontation:Phoenix unless WoK was a sort of trial to be dropped after all it’s Kickstarter stock has been sold off. As you’ve said WoK & Confrontation are too similar. Besides the Confrontation brand has too much emotional baggage to deal with -the demise of Rackham, the various incarnations of Confrontation and the metal verse pre-painted saga. Not to mention the beta card-based fiasco that was Aarklash Warpack.
I suspect that was why they decided to jump ship and do a fresh IP with Wrath of Kings.

I doubt CMoN would have the resources to properly support a proper resurrection of Confrontation as it was meshed with Ragnorok(very large scale battles), the Hybrid/Nemesis board game, Dogs of War and the Cadwallon RPG using the same figures and helped by the eye-candy that was the Cry Havoc magazine & its supplements.

It is probably more likely CMoN could handle a future KickStarter board game in the Hybrid/Nemesis style but based on the WoK IP. However it would be a shame to forgo all those Dirz laboratories (including the extra missions from CryHavoc) maybe Tekens or Nasier could inherit them.