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AvatarCK Lai

@ Razide: yeah. I’ve got photos of ALL the Dirz infantry types. Very impressive. Would love to add the Centurus and Jadharis clones. But… Metals. Expensive. Would have to pay a small fortune to get 6 model each troop type.

Aarklash Warpack? Sounds interesting. Must google it 🙂

I think you guys are right re: CMON and Confrontation. I must wish CMON would be upfront about their intentions with it, that’s all.

After playing WoK and reading the Confrontation rules (3.0 and 4.0) it’s pretty amazing how CMON managed to streamline the rules and reduce the die rolling. Confrontation you had to roll for a test to hit then roll to check damage…. Ugh.

Not to say the WoK rules are perfect, they’re not. But they have a good start. Now to add some REAL rules for terrain and we’re all set 🙂