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Even a squad of three Centurus clones would weigh quite a bit as they are big heavy figures.
I’ve always wondered at the weight implications of trying to transport a Ragnorok army especially of some of the bigger Rackham figures. That was probably one of the deciding factors for the move from metal to PPP too.

Confrontation was originally for small skirmish encounters with detailed rules – with the wound levels affecting your figure’s stats and a wild array of abilities. It was fun to see the wound tokens increasing in severity on your opponent and alarming on your guys but rather tedious in bigger games.
Dogs of War took this even further with campaigns and an RPG like experience system.

Confrontation Age of Ragnorok (C4) seemed to be Rackham’s attempt to make a more streamlined high figure count game. Lure new players with an easier ruleset and encourage existing players to build bigger armies, also add in the fixed formations idea from AT-43. Easier for retailers with mainly boxed squads instead of a wall of blisterpacks.

The version of Aarklash Warpack I saw was a really simplistic card based game – you could almost play it without the figures. Movement was actually based on the length of the cards. Maybe there was some further development by the French player base.

Anyway I just hope CMoN supports Wrath of Kings with a reasonable amount of conviction and encourages it to grow.