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Home Forums The Gaming Room For a non-wargamer. What's make makes each one special / unique? Reply To: For a non-wargamer. What's make makes each one special / unique?

AvatarCK Lai

Hmmm. OK, my personal opinion (others can chime in with their thoughts):

1. Dust Tactics: Weird War 2. Axis with Lasers and Allies with Phasers and giant Walkers instead of tanks. Hopefully that’s SF enough for you. 😉 Can buy individual starter sets (German, US, Russia). Leaders plus squads. 20-30 figure range. Plus Walker tanks, how cool is that?! Most stuff on cards. Decently fast and simple rules. UH pointed out the other points above in his post. I personally prefer Dust Tactics as I don’t have to measure but I get the benefits of playing a miniatures game, otherwise. But you have a choice. (Just stay clear of Dust Tactics Operation Babylon for now). I use the Version 1 rules as found in the Revised Core Set. Most current starter boxes come with Version 2. Both have slight differences but nothing majorly drastic. Figures come pre-assembled.

2. Wrath of Kings: More streamlined fantasy skirmish battles. Rules are reasonably simple and the complexity comes in the interactions of the abilities on unit/leader cards. Starter sets available for 5 factions. Have to assemble the figures. Can start with smaller Intro level game with 8-14 figures per side. Then move up to skirmish level games with about 16-31 figures per side to Battle level games with about 30-50 figures a side.

3. Warmachines/Hordes: Fantasy meets Steampunk. Leaders and squad level. Apparently can also scale similar to WoK (Never played before). Also apparently rules are a bit more complex to grasp than the above 2 games. Again, I may be wrong as I’ve not played it before.

4. Deadzone: SF miniatures game but although the figures can be in at 10+ range per side and in squads, they don’t activate in squads. But the starter set is very nice as it comes with a game map and actual 3D terrain. Or you could buy the starter sets individually. I’ve not played this but I’ve watched the gameplay videos as I was contemplating getting into this.

I think that’s all the games I know about that fit your criteria: 28-32mm, short, simple(ish) rules with cards. about 20-30 figures per side. Squad based and leader activations. I play Dust Tactics and Wrath of Kings. Don’t have the time (or money) to get into more, although as I’ve said, Deadzone looks very tempting, and there’s a Kickstarter out for a game called Maelstrom’s Edge but it won’t be out till next year.

I highly recommend you watch game play videos of these games on Youtube to see if you like what you see or not.

Can anyone else chip in with suggestions?

PS. AT-43 and Confrontation 4 would fit your criteria as well but they are dead games and finding enough units to field for a proper battle will prove to be a challenge. It’s amazing how few miniatures games there are on this level. Most are either skirmish based games (10 or less figures per side, usually named characters/heroes) or the granddaddy of them all: Warhammer (40K and Fantasy) but those get into close to 50-80 figures a side, if I’m not mistaken?