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End game – note the lone Ashman at the top right; this slacker did not move at all.

Motivations Call to Glory & Silence the Tongue
Game1 Intro – Nasier (2) v Goritsi (-3)

The Ashmen were lucky and killed 2 Skorza & wounded another with their Act with Certainty special ability. The game could have easily gone the other way if not for this ferocious revenge.
The Hakar killed the Alpha Skorza.

The Pelegarth & War Dancers slowly wore each other down
The Dancing Master easily disposed of the Howl after leaping over the Pelegarths but was inturn cut down by the Longhorn after he had chopped up the Scorge Hound.

The Shieldbreaker spent too much time engaging the Rathor before felling it – he would have been more effective closing with the Ashmen and unleashing Howl from Beyond.

I was very impressed with the game flow and mechanics of this first game of Wok.