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AvatarCK Lai

I backed Last Saga (an Infinity clone) but the project seems to have run into a few obstacles.

Also Nemesis (from the guys that also do Kensei). This one seems to be coming out soon but since getting any official word from those guys is like pulling hen’s teeth (besides a once a month “look how awesome the minis are” post from them) I’ve no idea when I’ll get them.

Dungeon Saga seems to be on track. I think I went overboard on this one. I’ve got TOO many dungeon crawlers now. What with Myth and Descent 2nd Ed… something’s got to go. 🙁

And of course, there’s Conan. I’ll be happy to see it sometime next year. They’re promising October 2015. Don’t think that’ll happen.

And MERCS Recon that can also be used for the tabletop skirmish game…

…I need to stop checking Kickstarter so regularly 😛