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AvatarCK Lai

I would love to play AT-43 but haven’t been able to get anywhere near a complete set of 2 factions for the UNA and Therians (the Space Apes and Orange Scarecrows leave me cold, and the ONI faction costs a ridiculous amount). So it’s Dust Tactics for me. Not Battlefront or Warfare as I like the simplified movement and LOS rules (unsatisfying as they may be to hardcore table top gamers).

I have a set of AE-WWII minis but I’ve yet to assemble them much less paint them or even take them out for a spin. I’m hoping to proxy them with a combo of the Incursion plastic minis (if I can get ahold of them) and Dust Tactics minis instead.

Plus Confrontation 4 and WoK and Alkemy. That’s it for me. Everything else is board games.