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The Okko figures were nice looking but expensive when they first came out and the round base on the Oni I bought was too big for the board squares. Some of the Bushido sculpts look really good. Legend of the 5 Rings had some interesting figures which may have worked too.

AT-43 has a more engaging theme especially the Therians. I wasn’t too enthused about the Karmans(SpaceApes) but managed to pick up a few boxes during sales. The COGS didn’t translate from the concept sketches as well as I had hoped. Never physically saw any ONI miniatures. Some of the RedBlock stuff could be quite easily used in Dust Tactics.
There was also an AT-43 quasi RPG called AT-43 Tactics which came out as a supplement book.

I wished DUST was a bit more Tannhauser/AE-WW2/WWW2 in flavour.
The Tannhauser tactical squad game never eventuated.

Legions of Steel had some reasonable sculpts for the Machines. the Nightmares were better than the original GW Necrons. And I liked the Predator and Succubot too. The UNE commandos figures nor the assault Fiends haven’t aged well over the years. FantasyFlightGames would like this with all the counters and tokens. I had a couple of goes at playing this – you need to be aware of your weapon’s optimum ranges and your opponents. There were plans for a table top version at one stage.

I don’t recall much about Alternity at all.

Some of my other favourite dead games are Babylon5 Wars, the original Crimson Skies (FASA) & Mutant Chronicles/Warzone.