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AvatarVolstagg Vanyr

Shiny Plastic isn’t all bad:
My family and gaming group has had a Blast (hah!) with Zombicide,
and I’ve just pulled the shiny Wrapper off my KS copy of Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King.
My kids were very into “Gauntlet” as a console game, sio I believe SDE will get a lot of table-time.

(If there was ever a Game that needed the Universal Head Touch,
I’d say it’s SDE BTW. Hint, Hint!!!
I mean: if you can make Sedition Wars playable,
surely SDE shouldn’t be much of a problem to rationalize and codify… {stronger Hint!!})

Amusing sidenote: Confrontation and Hell Dorado are two of the three Mini games I kept investing in
after the ‘fall’ (the other being Space Marine/Titan Legions via ‘NetEpic).
I wanna like Malifaux, but I can’t seem to get as excited over the metal as I was by Hell Dorado…
…and Rakham’s sculpts…? Plooosh! That was a Revelation from the Old World, I tell you what!)