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AvatarCK Lai

Well, the starter bos can be found online costing anywhere between $48-$56. That’s enough for an Intro Level game (15-16 minis ?)

Then if you like the game and want to scale up, you can add another Rank 2 leader box and Rank 2 specialist box (online) for another $35 or so?

The plus shipping. So it’s around $100 (?) for a complete faction that can get you through a Skirmish level game. (24 minis?)

I think all these new games are comparing themselves to GW: “oh but we’re cheaper than 40K” because they need less minis for a complete faction. 😀

I was lucky enough to have picked up an almost complete (less the carcharian box) Ancient King pledge + all extras for not much more than what it cost on the original KS. Even with the slight mark up, I reckon I saved about $200 on retail discounted online prices and more than $300 RRP.