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AvatarCK Lai

@UH: You can download the revised rules on Issuu. Then there’s the Genesis book with the background fluff from the same location. It’s just that the Issuu website isn’t very intuitive to use. I’m currently doing a Universal Head-style rules summary for myself. 😀

Nicoleblond also has the Engliah stat cards available on his site.

I totally agree about having a native English website to attract more players rather than the current google translated one.

The Alkemy forum is predominantly French as is the registration process. There is an English section but there’s not much content there.

Still, the game first came out around 2008/2009 (?) with some innovative game play concepts. I think it still holds up today. What I like is that the game is scenario based and not simply “kill off the other guy”.

Looks fun to play and I hope to get my Alkemy minis soon.