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CK Lai

Heh. Thanks, guys. It was an interesting process and I can understand more of the thought processes that went into building the rules and stats for WoK in the first place.

I’ll try to answer some of your questions and comments. Bear in mind: a LOT of the information is only obtainable in the respective army books. Without the Dirz army book, I couldn’t have done this.

@ UH:

– Results in the dice tables: a bit of trial an error and also what makes sense for the troop types. Clones don’t have much armour, but they do have a shield. So they can Block and Parry with their swords. The Crossbowmen are what would be classified as “unarmoured skirmishers” under Ancients wargame rules. So they get dodge instead of Parry. Whereas Ysis is stated to have very good armour “Her armor guarantees her survival and very few enemies can rival her” so she gets better Armour stats. And so on.

– Don’t bother comparing to the Confrontation stats. I used the unit descriptions rather than try to make the C4 stats jive with the WoK ones. Drove me crazy for until I realised it was easier to go with the WoK stats and (using similar troop types from the 5 WoK factions) rationalise the Dirz troop types and then make up their stats to work with the WoK ones.

– The Phemera: they’re clones, but not of humans, so I rationalised them as intelligent animals… like dogs or similar. They can be trained for a single purpose: get stuck in the enemy and either kill or blow themselves up. Hence the new “Creatures” classification. Let me know what you think.

@ Razide:

– Skorizes: Yeah, I tried to rationalise them as Rank 2, but their capabilities made them too powerful. Their Scout and Initiative abilities make them particularly dangerous for those “kill the enemy leaders/specific troop” motivations. Rank 2 was too “cheap” for them, so 2 Skorizes basically equal 6 Rank 1 troops or 3 Rank 2 troops.

– Thanks for the suggestions for Sasia. I don’t have her card (I only have Ysis) so the flying cloak is a very good suggestion that fits right in with the Dirz mythology.

One thing of note (if you hadn’t noticed already) is that the Dirz are similar to the Nasier in that they are a hard-hitting faction with very strong pure melee capabilities with a few magic users thrown in. With their ranged troops, they could very well be overpowered, so I dialed them down by making their Willpower stats lower than the norm. I’m even thinking of dropping the basic line troops down to 4: reason, they’re clones.

I just need to work on the Character Specialists now: Athan Zakhil, Salias Yesod, Kayl Kartan.

I also haven’t (yet) included the Nefarius Clone specialist. It’s so overpowered it’s actually a Rank 3 specialist. 2 individual attack lines plus a whole host of special abilities make it a monster on the battlefield. Should be able to take out any of the current Rank 2 (monster) WoK specialists like the Blood Engine, Orsund Cavalier, GreatHorn, etc. with one strike (if the dice roll right).

I’m also working on their specific motivation now: Fanatic. Wait till you read them! 😉

Now to play test them. I only have the Teknes faction with me, and an Intro level worth of Hadross troops with me. Let’s see how it all works out. I’m kinda keen to see how they play on their battlefield. And I’m really spoilt for choice as the Dirz are more “complete” than most other WoK factions.