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I backed black plague. Never played Zombicide but my daughter saw the Nun and liked the theme. I went ahead and picked up Zombicide last week to make sure we’d like it. 🙂

We do. It’s fun. Theme is spot on and UH nailed it – run around, roll dice, kill zombies, get eaten. But there’s a good tension in the game and it requires some good planning & decision making to survive the scenario. We’ve only played a few scenarios so far and they’ve had different goals and “feels” to them. The longer the game goes on the more difficult it gets. So you’re motivated to move quickly & act. It’s a fun, solid, co-op.

I still prefer the D&D Board Games for light co-ops since they have more diversity IMO. But my friends and daughter are really enjoying ZC quite a bit. I am looking forward to Black Plague as I like the medieval theme and I can see potentially combining it with some other mini games. There’s already a project underway on BGG to bring other minis into the ruleset.

I have the base game and I can see picking up the Toxic City Mall Expansion. Possibly the Prison expansion. But I think that’s about the level of investment I’d go for at this point. with only having the game for a few days I want to see it’s longevity.

I do keep it in my bag I take to work though – there’s a lot of interest in it and it could be a good intro game at my office.

I reserve the right to change my opinions as time goes on. 🙂