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Congratulations CK Lai, high review 🙂

– Tough to get the original Kraken Starter Sets
– Rulebook in the Kraken Starter Sets has horrible printing quality and needs some clarification

We have “new” starter (called discover deal) with material pack and everything to play.

And we have new rulebook in english

A new model opens Auroch Clan, sub-faction of Aurlok Nation. Two totem-warrior, 2 Rain-Dancer and Manitou Warrior have their heroïn called Woa Wa’yake. Make your list in architekt !
Model sculpted by Didier Fancagne.

See Woa Wa’yake on Alkemy’s Shop:

You play Avalon and/or Templar, you can finally play 2 Templars with Lotharius for power lists. Model sculpted by Johan Chauvet.

See second templar on Alkemy’s Shop: