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Jack RomeoJack Romeo

Zombicide is a big hit with my group, which in addition to Zombicide lately has been playing Eldritch Horror, Eclipse, Cthulhu Wars, Shadows of Brimstone, and Dead of Winter. The reason we enjoy Zombicide is the pure co-op, simple rules, the joy of loot and character improvement, sudden spikes in difficulty, unexpected turns, good balance of risk-reward, replay value, and a very nice art style. One mission can be fast, there are games we have failed completely within 20 minutes, or long, where we struggle for a few hours and have our victory hang on late game nail biting spawn draws. It requires a fair bit of coordination, but there is still room to do your own thing. And as mentioned earlier by someone, it’s fun even if we lose.

I haven’t played the latest season yet, currently painting up the last few of the zombies now, but it introduces a skill deck for character development and team actions that allows several survivors to act at the same time.

Compared to other games in the co-op genre like Shadows of Brimstone and Zpocalypse, I’d say the biggest difference is that the enemy movement rules in Zombicide is a lot better. I found both SoB and ZP to be pretty bad, and constantly wondering if an enemy would go one way or the other.

In Zombicide, the rules are as follows. Zombies in a square take the fastest route towards the noisiest survivor they can see, or the noisiest square on the board if they cannot see any survivors. The squares on the modular board are fairly big, and finding the fastest route is a matter of counting the squares if multiple paths are an option. If there are two equally long routes or several equally noisy targets, half the zombies go in one direction, half in the other. Uneven numbers are evened out by adding zombies to the board. If a zombie is in the same square as a survivor, it deals one damage instead of moving. Take two damage, and the survivor is dead. Zombies on the other hand does not take damage; they are either killed or undamaged.

The games depth comes from different zombie types, different weapons, different survivor skills, and different missions. In addition to mission difficulty, the difficulty can be tweaked by making adjustments to the spawn deck and adding different zombie types.

All in all, we enjoy Zombicide a lot and find it easy to introduce new people to it. It’s great as an action board game, and if you have any suggestions for similar board games we should check out let me know! 🙂