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Zombicide holds a special place in my heart, as it was my very first non-traditional board game, and my gateway into the hobby. I’ve backed two seasons of Zombicide and have more zombies than any one person should. I’ve got well over 100 “gimicky” pop culture ripoff survivors WITH their zombie versions. An entire shelf in my game closet holds nothing but Zombicide. What started as a curiosity and a great Christmas present one year turned into an obsession that drained loooooooads of money the following two years….and now I’m over it. LOL

I rarely play the games, and new ones keep getting released faster than I can play through what I’ve already got. I’ll never have time to paint everything to my standard, so I’m left with boxes and boxes full of plastic that is essentially the result of a short stint into Pokemon mindset; “Gotta catch them all.”

That said, I WISH this version released first. I like so much about this one. The dashboards address a constant complaint in the old games with cards sliding all over, there’s armor so no more auto wounds, I love the idea of the moving spawn point (necromancer), magic spells, etc., the minis look great and I prefer the theme to the previous titles.

But this isn’t the first version. And I’m still done buying stuff for this franchise. In the end, it’s more of the same, with a couple new shiny bits to attract “old me.” It’s bittersweet to not be along for another fun Kickstarter ride, but I’ve been there, done that. Show me something new please.